Deewan e Dard By Khawaja Mir Dard Pdf


Book Name: Deewan e Dard

Writer: Khawaja Meer Dard

Deewan e Dard Pdf is a poetry book by Khawaja Mir Dard. It contains many poems, ghazals, and stanzas. The author describes his feelings and emotions in an excellent style. He had a great command of the words and sentences.

Khawaja Mir Dard was a famous poet of Urdu. He belonged to the Dehli school of poets. He patronaged many other great poets of Urdu. Some Mir Dard ghazals are part of the school education syllabus in Pakistan. I hope you like the book Deewan e Dard Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Khawaja Mir Dard Book in pdf. You may read Deewan e Ghalib, Faseel e Khawab, and Deewan e Nasir Kazmi. Now you can subscribe to our website for updates about fresh book posts.

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