Ertughrul Ghazi Urdu By Charagh Hassan Hasrat Pdf

Book Name: Ertughrul Ghazi Urdu

Writer: Charagh Hassan Hasrat

The book Ertughrul Ghazi Urdu Pdf is excellent writing on the life of Artughral Ghazi by Charagh Hassan Hasrat. The book is about the lifespan and achievements of Artughral Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman empire. He was a great warrior who defeated many tribal leaders and rulers of the small states.

The family of Artughral Ghazi ruled over Turkey for many centuries. It was the largest state of the Muslim that was demolished after the first world war. Artughral Ghazi became the hero of the Muslims, and Turkey made a television series on his life. Pakistan state tv dubbed it for Urdu viewers that gained a broad viewership.

Charagh Hassan Hasrat was a legend writer, humorist, biographer, and columnist of Urdu. He authored many excellent books, stories, and essays in his brilliant writing career. Meanwhile, he penned the biography of some heroes of the Muslims that got respect from the readers. I hope you like to read the book Ertughrul Ghazi Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends.

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