Gang War Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf

Book Name: Gang War Imran Series

Writer: Zaheer Ahmed

The book Gang War Imran Series Pdf is another part of Imran Series Zaheer Ahmed. It described the achievements of Ali Imran and the secret service when they arrested some Israeli agents. They wanted anarchy and civil war in Pakasia, especially the largest city in the country.

Ali Imran used his god gifted intelligence skills and captured the leading agent of the enemy. This man was working in the cover of a military secretary and attending an official meeting. He planted a bomb in a child and wanted to explore it in a real-time. Ali Imran arrested the man of Gang War after a fight.

Zaheer Ahmed is a leading novelist and top story writer of Urdu. He started his career with the digests and wrote many excellent stories for the children. He earned fame for his action novels like Imran Series. I hope you like to read Gang War Imran Series Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Imran Series Zaheer Ahmed Pdf. You may read Black Feather, Green Virus, and Harakari Imran Series.

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