Harakari Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf


Book Name: Harakari Imran Series

Writer: Mazhar Kaleem

The book Harakari Imran Series Pdf is another part of the Imran Series Mazhar Kaleem. It tells the plans of an international gang that wanted to kill Ali Imran and some state officials. They considered them a hurdle in the implementation of their agenda. The leader of the mafia warned Ali Imran about an attack.

Ali Imran started an inquiry into this gang. He knew some strange facts and made a plan to counter the group. He ordered to give of foolproof security to the state officials and captured some men working for Harakari. In the end, he arrested some men after the suicide of the leader.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a famous novelist and a prominent story writer of Urdu. He authored hundreds of stories and novels but earned fame for Imran Series. In his action novels, Mazhar Kaleem introduced some new trends and characters. I hope you like to read the Harakari Imran Series pdf and share it with your friends.

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