Zameen Novel By Khadija Mastoor Pdf


Book Name: Zameen Novel

Writer: Khadija Mastoor

The book Zameen Novel Pdf is a social, romantic story by Khadija Mastoor. The author describes the issues of the people after the partition of India. She told the pain which the refugees felt after the creation of Pakistan. She unveiled the hypocrites and the evils who thought about her benefits at the time of the partition.

Khadija Mastoor is a perfect name for the female writers of Urdu. She belongs to a famous literary family, and her sister Hajra Masroor is also at the top list of Urdu writers. Khadija Mastoor authored some great books, and this story is one of them. I hope you like to read the book Zameen Novel Pdf and share it.

Here you can download the Khadija Mastoor books in pdf. You may read Chand Roz Aur Afsanay, Suhagan Novel, and Khail Afsanay Collection. You can subscribe to our website to get more updates about new stories.

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