Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza Urdu By Abdul Khaliq Pdf


Book Name: Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza A.S

Writer: Abdul Khaliq Tawakli

The book Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza PDF is an excellent biography of Maula Ali A.S by Abdul Khaliq Tawakli. In this book, the writer describes the lifespan, wars, rule, and achievements of Hazrat Ali R.A, the fourth Caliph of the Muslims. He discussed their policies as the head of the state of Madina.

Hazrat Ali was the closest companion and cousin of Rasool Allah SAW. He married Syeda Fatima R.A., the daughter of the Holy Prophet SAW. Hazrat Ali became the Caliph of the Muslims after Hazrat Usman Ghani R.A. I hope you would like to read the Hazrat Ali Ul Murtaza PDF by Abdul Khaliq Tawakli and share it with your friends.

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