Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjam By Irtaza Ali Kirmani Pdf

Book Name: Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjam

Writer: Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani

The book Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjam Pdf is another excellent writing by Irtaza Ali Kirmani. In this book, the writer describes the life of some false prophets who claimed to be a prophet in the past. He discussed the standard for the prophethood, which sat by Allah Almighty.

Irtaza Ali Kirmani is a famous writer, scholar, and biographer who authored dozens of books. He has an excellent command of Tasawwaf, which made his books more beneficial. Syed Irtaza Ali Kirmani wrote many biographies of Auliya Allah. I hope you like to read the book Jhootay Nabion Ka Anjam Pdf and share it.

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