Kakana Island Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf

Book Name: Kakana Island Imran Series

Writer: Mazhar Kaleem MA

The book Kakana Island Imran Series Pdf is another part of the Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem MA. It contains action, thrilling, suspense, and adventure story that describes the patriotism and bravery of Pakasia secret service. They were the soldier of the nation and fought for their national interest.

In this story, the writer describes the importance of some missiles that were in the custody of a superpower. Ali Imran and his team wanted to get it for their country, and they got the support of Pink Force. Saleha played a vital role in the success of this mission. After recovering from injury, she became a member of the secret service.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a leading story writer and trendsetter novelist of Urdu. In his long career, he authored many famous stories and book series. Moreover, he penned the Imran Series in dozens of volumes and gained fame. He introduced many strange characters and inventions.

I hope you like to read the book Kakana Island Imran Series Pdf and share it. Here you can download Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem MA Pdf. You may read Last Warning, Red Craft, and Karman Mission.

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