Khazeena e Akhlaq By Allama Alam Faqri Pdf


Book Name: Khazeena e Akhlaq

Writer: Allama Alam Faqri

The book Khazeena e Akhlaq Pdf is another excellent piece of writing on the teachings of Islam by Allama Alam Faqri. It is about the moral and social values that presented Islam. The religion of Islam ordered its followers to practice high values of morality and brotherhood.

In this book, Alam Faqri mentioned many Ayats of the Holy Quran that conveyed the message of Allah. Meanwhile, he wrote many Hadees of the Holy Prophet SAW, who was the role model for the Muslims. The book also contains many Hikayat and the golden words of many Auliya Allah.

Allama Alam Faqri was a famous scholar of Islam, biographer, researcher, and writer. In his long writing career, he authored many excellent books in biography, Islam, and Tasawwaf. Moreover, he adopted a unique but straightforward writing style that is useful for ordinary readers. I hope you like to read the book Khazeena e Akhlaq Pdf and share it.

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