Mamlat Riyasat e Madina By Qayyum Nizami Pdf


Book Name: Mamlat Riyasat e Madina

Writer: Qayyum Nizami

The book Mamlat Riyasat e Madina Pdf is another superb writing on Islam by Qayyum Nizami. It is a part of a series on Seerat Un Nabi and Khilafat e Rashida. In this book, Qayyum Nizami discussed the Mamlat of Riyasat e Madina. He mentioned the governance system, policies, and state strategies of the Riyasat of Madina.

Qayyum Nizami talked about social justice, economic policies, human rights, public welfare, and military issues. He describes the rule of Hazrat Muhammad SAW and the time of Hazrat Abubakar. He discussed the practice of Farooq e Azam, Usman e Ghani, and Hazrat Ali R.A. So, the writer concludes that Islam gave the idea of a welfare state hundreds of years ago when Riyasat e Madina was its first model.

Qayyum Nizami is a prolific writer, intellectual, columnist, politician, and researcher. He worked in high positions for the Pakistan people’s party in his political career. After he left politics, Qayyum Nizami turned to writing and penned some great books on Islam, politics, and history. He gained much respect for his writings on Seerat Un Nabi and Mamlat of Sahaba Kiram R.A.

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