Mubda O Maad Urdu By Mujaddid Alif Sani Pdf

Book Name: Mubda O Maad Urdu

Writer: Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani

The book Mubda O Maad Urdu Pdf is a great book of Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani R.A. The original book is in the Persian language, and this is an Urdu translation. It is a collection of some essays written about different topics of Islam and Tasawwaf. The writer had a vast knowledge of Islam and Sufism.

Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani was a saint, Sufi, and writer. He was a great scholar of Islam and wrote some excellent books about it. He raised his voice against the fake religion of Jalal Ud Din Akbar, the Mughal emperor. I hope you like to read the book Mubda O Maad Urdu Pdf.

Here you can download Mujaddid Alif Sani books in pdf. You may read Risael Mujaddid Alf Sani, Tazkira Qalandar Baba Auliya, and Mujaddid Hazara Dom.

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