Muhafiz Novel By MA Rahat Pdf Download


Book Name: Muhafiz Novel

Writer: MA Rahat

The Muhafiz Novel PDF is an excellent social, crime, and reform story by MA Rahat. It was published first in a digest and got the readers’ attention. In this novel, the writer talks about the life of a doctor and a strange character. The doctor wanted to bring out the people from miserable conditions.

He was foreign-qualified and was a well-wisher of the nation. A group of people wanted the status quo and opposed societal change. They made a conspiracy against the doctor for which a court convicted the doctor. The strange character took the doctor to another world, escaping him from hanging.

MA Rahat was a leading novelist and versatile story writer of Urdu. In his long professional career, he authored hundreds of stories and books. Moreover, he wrote on all the topics like action, suspense, romance, and social issues. So, the readers liked the MA Rahat Novels for his unique writing style.

I hope you want to read the book Muhafiz Novel PDF and share it. Here, you can download MA Rahat Novels in pdf. You may read Muqaddas Nishan Novel, Kabhi Ishq Karo Novel, and Maut Ki Wadi Novel.

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