Na Chand Ratein Na Phool Batein By Rukh Ch Pdf


Book Name: Na Chand Ratein Na Phool Batein

Writer: Rukh Chaudhry

The book Na Chand Ratein Na Phool Batein Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Rukh Chaudhry. In this story, the writer discusses some sensitive issues in our society. She told about some children brought up without a mother and faced many difficulties.

The author told the dreams of a bright and luxurious future. Rukh Chaudhry explained the necessity of relationships for happiness and criticized the selfishness of people who do not care for it. She commented on the evils of the community who do not believe in moral values and changed them day by day.

Rukh Chaudhry is a leading female story writer and novelist who writes for digests and magazines. She authored many excellent novels and serialized stories, earning her fame. I hope you like to read the book Na Chand Ratein Na Phool Batein Pdf and share it with your contacts.

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