Million Dollar Spy Urdu By Mushtaq Jadoon Swabi Pdf

Book Name: Million Dollar Spy Urdu

Writer: Mushtaq Jadoon Swabi

The book Million Dollar Spy Pdf is an excellent book about Mossad by Mushtaq Jadoon. In this book, the writer describes some secret missions of Mossad, the intelligence agency of Israel. Mushtaq Jadoon told about some top agents of Mossad who operated in the world. Meanwhile, he mentioned the life story of a top agent who captured a great post in state officials in Syria.

Mushtaq Jadoon is a talented writer and scholar of Urdu. He wrote a short but produced some quality books. Moreover, he has a vast knowledge of history and the modern world. Mushtaq Jadoon contains much information about secret agencies in the world. I hope you like to read the book Million Dollar Spy Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Mushtaq Jadoon Books in pdf. You may read Urdu Novel Mossad, Chiragh e Manzil, and Zaviye Baseerat Kay. If you wish more, you can subscribe to our website to update new books.

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