Shehad Aur Kalonji By Hakeem Rahat Naseem Sohdrvi Pdf


Book Name: Shehad Aur Kalonji

Writer: Hakeem Rahat Naseem Sohdrvi

The book Shehad Aur Kalonji Pdf is excellent writing by Hakeem Rahat Naseem Sohdhrvi. The writer describes the benefits of honey and the nigella seeds. He quoted many references from Hadith and told that both of them are useful in many diseases.

Hakeem Rahat Naseem was a famous physician, herbalist, and scholar. He had a vast knowledge of herbs and eastern medicine. He served the people for many decades and found the honey useful. I hope you like to read the book Shehad Aur Kalonji Pdf and share it.

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