Tareekh e Farishta Urdu By Muhammad Qasim Farishta Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Farishta Urdu

Writer: Muhammad Qasim Farishta

Muhammad Qasim Farishta is the author of the book Tareekh e Farishta Urdu Pdf. The book describes the history of the Indian subcontinent. It is the most trusted history book on the history of India. Muhammad Qasim Farishta mentioned the history of southern Indian states. He explained the social, economic, and religious conditions in the book.

Muhammad Qasim Farishta was a great scholar and writer. He had a vast knowledge of Indian culture and civilization. He compiled these great history books and sat in the line of the great historians. I hope you like to read the book Tareekh e Farishta Urdu Pdf by Muhammad Qasim Farishta and share it.

Here you can download history books by Muhammad Qasim Farishta in Urdu pdf. You may read Tareekh Ibn e Khaldoon, Tareekh e Tabri Urdu, and Quaid e Azam Aur Allama Iqbal. If you like, you can subscribe to our website to get updates about fresh books.

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