Tareekh e Undlas Urdu By Riasat Ali Nadvi Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh e Undlas

Writer: Riyasat Ali Nadvi

The book Tareekh e Undlas Pdf is an excellent book on the history of Spain by Riyasat Ali Nadvi. The writer discussed the civil wars in Spain, which severely damaged the unity of the Muslims. He explained the reasons for the downfall of Muslim rule in Undlas.

The Muslims ruled on Spain for more the eight centuries. They faced the aggression of the Christians successfully and introduced many reforms in the social, judicial, and economic systems. They changed the living standard of the people to promote education and technology. Later, they lost all their glory and rule.

Riyasat Ali Nadvi was a famous scholar, writer, and historian in India. In his writing career, he compiled some excellent books on history and focussed on Muslim history. He brought many facts in the papers after vast research. I hope you like to read the book Tareekh e Undlas Pdf and share it with your social media contacts.

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