2 Quran Urdu Book By Dr Ghulam Jilani Barq Pdf


Book Name: 2 Quran Urdu

Writer: Dr Ghulam Jilani Barq

The book 2 Quran Urdu Pdf is the explanation of Quranic verses. The author discussed the creation of the universe and its different creatures. He explained the acts of the Muslims and the true teachings of Islam. He gave the lesson to the readers to understand the vision of the Quran.

Allama Ghulam Jilani Barq was a great scholar of Islam. He is the author of this different type of book. He wrote some favorite books and invited the people to understand the teachings of Islam. I hope you like to read the book 2 Quran Urdu Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Ghulam Jilani Barq Books in pdf. You may read Ramz e Iman, Mojam Ul Quran, and Harf e Mehrmana. If you wish more, you can subscribe to our website to get updates about fresh books.

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