Millat e Islamia Ke Manafi Kirdar By Mirza Akram Pdf


Book Name: Millat e Islamia Ke Manafi Kirdar

Writer: Mirza Muhammad Akram

The book Millat e Islamia Ke Manafi Kirdar Pdf is an excellent piece of writing by Mirza Muhammad Akram on the history of Muslims. In this book, the writer describes the role of some major characters in the Muslims who severely damaged their glory. He talked about some kings or rulers who made wrong decisions and faced difficulties.

Moreover, Mirza Muhammad Akram explained the reasons behind some rebellions that produced civil wars and killed thousands of people. He mentioned the negative role of some traitors who helped the enemies in aggression. Those acts put the Muslims in deep trouble, losing their rule and glory.

Mirza Muhammad Akram is a historian, researcher, and writer of Urdu. He authored excellent books equally useful for students and scholars in his brilliant writing career. After much research, Mirza Muhammad Akram penned all the writings and quoted some reliable references. I hope you like to read the book Millat e Islamia Ke Manafi Kirdar Pdf and share it with your friends.

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