Tareekhi Mushahidat O Waqiat By K H Khursheed Pdf


Book Name: Tareekhi Mushahidat O Waqiat

Writer: Khurshid Hassan Khurshid

The book Tareekhi Mushahidat O Waqiat Pdf is an excellent history book by K H Khurshid. In this publication, the writer described many historical events and facts. He discussed the struggle for the Muslims’ independence and the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in it.

K H Khurshid was a private secretary of Quaid e Azam. He spent much time with him during the final days of the Pakistani movement. He was an eyewitness to many historical moments and events. I hope you like to read the book Tareekhi Mushahidat O Waqiat Pdf and share it with your friends.

Here you can download Tareekh books by K H Khurshid in Urdu pdf. You may read Quaid Ke Akhri Ayyam, Tehreek e Pakistan Aur Ulama Kiram, and Quaid e Azam Aur Allama Iqbal. If you like, subscribe to our website for updates about new book posts.

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